The City
Kasch ran his fingertips over the embossed lettering of Enigma: The City of Daemos West and the author's name, Isadora Jada Daemos. Having the well-thumbed book in his hands was irresistible and he knew he wouldn't be able to put it away without reading some. He opened to a dog-eared page and read the passage for perhaps the hundredth time.
Daemos West in the state of Maine is arguably the most diverse city in the world. While New York City has its melting pot of cultures and Paris its cosmopolitan edge, only Daemos West can lay claim to a confirmed, permanent population of undead, as well as necromancers, shape- shifters and mad scientists. A whole industry has sprung up to cater to the unique population of the city, which includes but is not limited to parody television shows such as the Badness Bunch and Zombie Living, specialty snacks, such as Gummygrubs and Vanessa's Villainously Vonderful Varicose Veins, and limited release specialty lines of cars, like the DMW Hades and Ford's Deathscort.
The American Indians of the area were too smart to live there.

The whole peninsula was cursed and they knew it.

Bad mojo shore to shore.

Vikings arrived sometime in the 14th century and settled what would become a small fishing village. These original inhabitants named the peninsula Burna Ton Shærness. Though plagued with various sicknesses, misfortunes and minor calamities, the community persisted, never growing, but maintaining a small, yet stable population.

In 1593, according to the ship's log of Adversity's Son, a small, ragged cluster of ships entered Blackwater Cove. The ships were filled with a bizarre cultural hodge-podge of fleeing religious persecution in their homelands. Initially the newcomers were welcomed with open arms, but because of primarily religious differences, tensions between the two groups - the newcomers and the original settlers - mounted over the next few years.

Through the diaries of two local residents, Brand Helstrom and Genevieve Desanti, historians know that on the morning of March 3rd, 1598, the two groups met on the Stygian Fields at the edge of town to settle their differences once and for all. The battle lasted three days and nights, each hour the horrors of the battlefield growing. They say that so much blood was spilled that it formed the deep burgundy clay forever after known as the Stygian Marshes.

The fighting spilled back into Burna Ton Shærness and the town, to a building, was burned to the ground. The fighting finally stopped when there were none who could hold a sword or pull a bowstring. There was no winner. Believing that they could leave the violence behind them, the survivors signed a peace pact promising that they would never again draw knife or sword against each other. But that much violence committed in such a cursed spot in such close proximity to the Land of the Dead could not be simply left behind. Burna Ton Shærness, from that point forward would be a part of the Land of the Dead, and governed by different rules than other parts of the world.

In the Land of the Dead, the dead don't often stay dead. And so the thousands of bodies that normally would have simply lain there, rotting, shrugged off their death-induced torpor with nothing in mind but eating the living.

The survivors, leaving behind the cursed ground and smoldering ruins of what was once their city, took nothing but what meager possessions they could scrounge from the ashes and left the area in whatever would float: boats, canoes, or the wooden boxes that would have served as coffins had these events happened nearly anywhere else.

Over two hundred years later, Isadora Jada Daemos would stand in the remains of the village that had seen so much horror and decided that it was time to push the anathema and reclaim what had once been Burna Ton Shærness.

Timeline of Events

before 1300's Indigenous peoples of the area avoid the peninsula - believing it to be cursed and filled with evil spirits - that would come to be known as Burna Ton Shærness, and in modern times be established as the city of Daemos West in the state of Maine.
mid-1300s Burna Ton Shærness settled by Viking explorers. The area would be variously lived in abandoned, or wiped out, on and off for the next two centuries by various groups of people. The settlement is firmly established by the mid-1500s
1593 Religious refugees arrive from various port of call. Initially, the refugees are welcomed, but tensions slowly mount over the course of the next five years
1598 Civil strife causes destruction of Burna Ton Shærness and the whole area, because of all the bloodshed, becomes part of the Land of the Dead, which is directly adjacent. For the next two centuries, the Burna Ton Shærness peninsula is a part of the Land of the Dead
1791 Isadora Jada Daemos is born in Boston, Massachusetts to Hiram and Patience (née Absalon) Daemos
1808 Isadora Jada Daemos graduates with a double degree in Necromancy and Engineering from Boston's Macabre College
1809 Isadora Jada Daemos buys the rights to the Burna Ton Shærness peninsula, part of the Land of the Dead and embarks on an experiment of gargantuan proportions
1835 Daemos West is incorporated
75 feet above sea level
Land area
21.2 square miles

Nearest cities / towns
  • South Portland (2.3 miles )
  • Raven Hollow (3.1 miles )
  • Falmouth (4.8 miles )
  • Yarmouth (5.7 miles )
  • Scarborough (6.2 miles )
  • Boston (96.3 miles) - largest city in The State of Massachusetts
  • Valermont (99.1 miles) - small town in the suburbs south of Boston
Population (year 2000)
  • Males: 32,855 (47.9%)
  • Females: 35,598 (52.1%)
Races in Daemos West
  • White Non-Hispanic (59.2%)
  • Black (10.2%)
  • Hispanic (7.3%)
  • Asian (8.2%)
  • Two or more races (2.6%)
  • Other races (12.5%)
    • zombies (undead) 4.8%
    • ghosts (undead) 2.5%
    • necromancers (living) 1.4%
    • mad scientists (living) 0.8%
    • vampires (undead) 1.2%
    • ghouls (undead) 0.5%
    • shape-shifters (living) 0.3%
    • dragons (living) <0.1% (?)
    • other undead 1.0%
Industries providing employment
  • Educational, health and social services (21.8%)
  • Retail trade (13.5%)
  • Professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste management services (11.2%)
  • Finance, insurance, real estate, and rental and leasing (10.6%)
  • Arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services (10.6%)

Crime in Daemos West by Year

Larceny counts2,1202,2332,5472,191
Auto thefts23110152169
Percentage of Crimes Supernatural Related16%21%14%19%
US crime index (U.S. average = 129.7)183.5190.5132.1139.3